How to create a holiday greeting card with iPhoto

Yesterday I explained how to create a great-looking, custom holiday greeting card with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Today I’ll explain how to do the same with iPhoto. Apple’s consumer-level image library software will help you make a nice holiday card with your own photo(s) and text that grandma and grandpa will love. Plus, working on your Mac is much easier than the  iPhone’s or iPad’s smaller screen.

Here’s how to create greeting cards with iPhoto.

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Create a holiday card with Apple’s Cards for iPhone

If you’d rather use your Mac, check out “How to create a holiday greeting card with iPhoto.” — Dave

Apple released Cards for iPhone and iPad (free, universal) in October, 2011. It lets you create nice-looking greeting cards right on your iPhone or iPad with custom photos, text and more. You can even have your card mailed to your family or friends right from your iPhone.

Here’s how to make a nice-looking holiday card with Cards and impress those on your list.

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Parents

My first paid writing job was for The Parenting Post, official blog of Parenting Magazine [1. No longer active.]. You’ll find an archive of my posts here. I no longer write about the kids online, but they do still exist. With almost a decade of parenting in my rear view mirror, I’m still a newcomer but I’ve learned a thing or two as well. Here is a list of gifts that will delight parents of young kids. With a geek twist, of course.

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Books

I fell in love with reading at 13 when I bought Stephen King’s Thinner with my paper route money. Today I read several books per year, and listen to just as many in audio format. Here are several books that caught my attention this year, including comics, fiction and non-fiction. You’re sure to find something for at least one book lover on your list below.

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