Glider Pro coming to iOS

Glider Pro, one of my all-time favorite vintage Mac games, is coming to iOS devices.

First released as shareware in 1988 by John Calhoun, Glider Pro gained commercial distribution with Casady & Greene Inc. (C&G), a software company that built Mac titles in the late 80’s and 90’s. Glider Pro was a scrolling game that required you to pilot a paper airplane through a house, room by room, while avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles. A level builder was also released, allowing users to create their own houses and obstacles to navigate.

I spent countless hours on that game between 1994 – 1996. Unfortunately, C&G went out of business in 2003. That’s when the rights to Glider Pro went back to Calhoun, who’s been distributing a free Mac OS X version of the game since then (minus the level builder).

This week, Touch Arcade reports that Calhoun recently left Apple to bring Glider to iOS. Having worked with Casady & Green and Apple, John hasn’t lost the vision of an independent developer:

“Calhoun told me that, from the view of an old-school designer, he absolutely loves iOS as a game platform. He got out of game writing way back when largely because the ‘big guys’ came in and basically stole the show from indie developers like himself. He sees iOS as an excellent opportunity for indies to get their work out there and embraced by gamers, and it’s a notion backed up by so many one-man home runs we’ve seen since the App Store went live. “

Here’s a sneak preview. I simply cannot wait for this app to drop. Look for it in the App Store later this year for $0.99.

[Via Daring Fireball]