Integrating Siri and GPS apps

Ross Rubin writes about the idea of pairing turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps with an intelligent agent like Siri:

“Or let’s say a driver is heading to a party when he receives a request from the host asking to pick up some cake. The driver could have a short verbal exchange with the software about where might be a suitable bakery along the way and have the app seamlessly add in that side trip. Today, in contrast, one would have to either program the destination in advance or pull over, end the trip and search for and enter a new destination.”

A great suggestion, and I’d like to add an option to pause navigation. Often while on a long trip, I’ll leave the designated route to get gas, use the rest room, buy food, etc. This invariably sends my GPS app [1. I use Motion X GPS Drive.] into spasms of panicked “re-routing.”

“I’m just stopping to get gas, Roadsie [1. I call her Roadside.]. It’s fine.”


“Stop. I’m just going to Panera for a minute.”

In 200 feet, make a sharp right.”


If the gas station or what have you is half a mile off course, the app has completely altered the route by the time I reach it. I don’t trust that it’ll find the original route when I get back on the highway.

A simple, “Siri, pause navigation” would be fantastic.