Review: Off the Hook Bluetooth Handset

Nothing has ever hindered teenage dating like the corded telephones of the 1980’s.

The telephone would ring in our Scranton, Pennsylvania kitchen and my blood would freeze. If anyone answered it before me and heard that cute 10th-grader on the other end, the one whose unmistakably female voice asked for me by name, a shroud of humiliation would descend upon me as pronounced and obvious as Turin’s most famous export. Speaking in private was an experiment in the tensile strength of copper wire, as I stretched that cord to its limit.

The older I got, the longer the cords became.

Most contemporary phones scarcely resemble those clunky, plastic handsets. My memories remain, however, and that’s why I had a visceral reaction to the Off The Hook Bluetooth Handset from Brookstone. This handset looks just like those old wall-mounted phones and is compatible with just about any Bluetooth-enambled phone (v1.0, 1.1, 1.2). We picked one up last week and, seven days in, I’m glad we did. It looks good, works as advertised and offers respectable battery life. Here’s my look at the Off The Hook Bluetooth Handset (OTH).

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