Use Alfred to remap “iCal” and “Address Book” (or, Stephen Hackett is a genius)

Stehpen Hackett explains how to use Alfred to make a change in Mac OS X less annoying.

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion re-names Address Book to Contacts and iCal to Calendar. That’s fine, but I keep typing “iCal” and “Address Book” into my beloved Alfred. [1. Seriously, I love Alfred. Here’s how I use it every day. Federico Viticci uses it to create logs in Day One. Finally, here’s my TUAW review of version 1.0. It’s only gotten better since. This is not an ad, I just love the app. Go get it.] It’s not the end of the world, but annoying. Fortunately, Stephen has a fix.

He points out that you can use Alfred’s custom keyword mapping to forgive your forgetfulness. Well done.

Update: Thomas Borowski points out that Mountain Lion’s Spotlight does that for you (below).

Use iCloud calendars with Snow Leopard

I have a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard and a MacBook Air running Lion. Once I migrated my MobileMe account to iCloud, my iCal data would no longer stay in sync. I thought I was out of luck until I found a fix from Damien Barrett. In fact, it’s simple to get iCloud calendars working with iCal on Snow Leopard.

As Damien explains, you’ll have to first delete the old account, and then create a CalDAV account that points to as the server. Once you’re done give it a few moments to sync and you’re back in business. Read Damien’s post for all the details. I’ve done it and it’s working perfectly.