Using Passbook with airline tickets

Scott McNulty recently used iOS 6 Passbook while flying with United. He describes the whole experience, concluding with a discussion of whether or not it’s worth the hassle:

“It seems to me that Passbook is a clever idea, but honestly having my eTicket with the QR code emailed to me (or just using the one displayed in the United app) would have been simpler. Once you get the ticket into Passbook it is a nice experience, but adding stuff to Passbook isn’t intuative. In fact, once I had my 2 tickets to CA in Passbook I didn’t have the option to add anything else to Passbook from within the app itself since the App Store button was no longer displayed.”

Jim Dalrymple on the iPhone 5

Jim, writing about the iPhone 5 for The Loop:

” I was able to operate the iPhone 5 with ease using one hand. That means I was able to reach the top of the screen with my thumb, change options and navigate through the screens without having to reach uncomfortably.”

That takes care of my main concern. I recently held a Galaxy Note and was very put off that I couldn’t reach the entire screen with my thumb. Apple was smart to go taller but not wider.