Use iTunes 11 ‘Up Next’ to create an on-the-fly playlist – Update

Update: David Chartier points out @chucker‘s instructions for adding a track to an Up Next playlist with a keyboard shortcut. Huzzah!

Apple has released iTunes 11, which offers a major redesign of the decade-old media player/store. Alongside the visual changes are some clever features, including Up Next. Up Next lets you create an on-the-fly playlist, determining which song follows which during playback.

There are several ways to add to and re-arrange an Up Next playlist. Here’s how to work with Up Next playlists in iTunes 11.

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I dislike the iOS 6 App Store’s new look

I took grief about this on Twitter today, but I’m right. Apple has re-designed the look of the iOS App Store with iOS 6, which was released today. App icons “bleed” off of the edge of the screen, prompting the user to swipe and see more.

I hate it.

It’s ugly, it’s cluttered, it’s un-Apple. Worst of all, it’s confusing.

Is my iPhone displaying this improperly?

Should I be holding this in landscape?

Why are these apps cut off?

In the images above, the iOS 6 App Store is on the left. There are seven items displayed. I can’t read the titles of three of them. Some people told me that I find it troublesome because I’m a geek and typical users will find the positioning helpful. I disagree. In the image above, you can see “See All >” on the screen. It clearly suggests that there’s more off screen.

The iOS 5.x App Store layout, pictured on the right above, is tidy, clear and usable. It was far superior.

I’m now dreading iTunes 11.