“Waiting is death”

John Gruber nailed it when writing about The Daily today:

“I’m sure that’s how [The Daily’s developers] justify this deplorable launch time. If readers are going to spend 20, 30, maybe even 40 minutes reading The Daily each day, a one-minute launch time isn’t significant. But they’re wrong. It is significant, because the first minute is the most important minute. That’s the minute where the reader makes their impression of The Daily. Waiting is death.”

It’s not like things improve after the app finally loads, either. As I wrote at TUAW, the UI is entirely too slow. Once you’re reading an article, the swipe speed is acceptable. But most people won’t get that far.

As it stands right now, I won’t keep The Daily after the 14th. That’s unfortunate, because I know that a great many people have put a tremendous amount of effort into this app (and continue to do so). However, it needs more work.