The ultimate London playlist


When I’m traveling in a foreign country I love to soak up the culture. Music is a big part of that. Today, I enlisted the help of my friend and Londoner Myke Hurley, who created an “ultimate London playlist.” I tasked Myke with coming up with a list of songs that any Londoner would say are representative of his or her fine city. The result is below.

– London Calling – The Clash
– Going Underground – The Jam
– Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks
– Down in the Tube Station at Midnight – The Jam
– West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys
– For Tomorrow – Blur
– Common People – Pulp

Heading to London this summer? Put these songs on our iPhone now to get into the mood and experience a small bit of London culture.

If you’d like to share a playlist of music from your city, let me know!

The iPad’s growing presence in London business


The London Evening Standard has a great article on the iPad’s growing presence in London business. And it’s not just the boardroom. Apple’s immensely popular tablet is showing up — and getting things done — in bars, hospitals and fashion boutiques.

Isabel McMeekan, founder of Everybody Ballet, explains how the iPad benefits her students and her studio at large:

“This works brilliantly. Not only are our iPads pianos and orchestras but they also help us to plan ballet classes, draw images to aid teaching, photograph and film our dancers and keep us in communication with all our students.”

That’s pretty cool. Here’s a use case I hadn’t thought of:

“The iPad is also changing childcare. At Brick Oven pizza restaurant in Chiswick there’s a video camera in the play area, linked to four iPads on tables, so parents can enjoy their meal and keep watch on their bambini.”

Here in Massachusetts, I see iPads at work often. What stikes me is how workers and customers are already accustomed to seeing the devices in a business role. Sign the iPad with my finger to pay? You’ll email a receipt? Sure, no problem.

It’s hard to believe that the iPad is only three years old. What an amazing device.

Also, why don’t American pizza joints offer babysitting?!