MacStories to go comment-free

Cody Fink:

“In consideration of the reader, how we want the site to look, and due to the amount of time we can spend keeping an eye of this stuff, we will be removing comments from the next iteration of MacStories.”

It’s not an easy decision, but I think it’s the right one. 52 Tiger has never allowed comments and it never will (not while I’m in charge, at least), for all the reasons that Cody lists:

  1. Moderation is time-consuming
  2. Many comments are garbage
  3. Comment systems can break, requiring time-consuming fixes
  4. It’s not easy to respond to comments left on posts that are months old
  5. Staying ahead of spam is a hassle

For more on why 52 Tiger does not allow comments, look here. The most glaring reason is that most people leave remarks that have nothing to do with the post, and adolescent, immature behavior is almost inevitable. Comments, in my opinion, are best avoided.