Daily Tip: View long titles in Music for iPhone

Apple’s Music app for iPhone does a nice job of playing back your songs, podcasts and audiobooks. Unfortunately, the iPhone’s small screen prevents you from seeing a long title — be it a song, album or artist — at a glance. Fear not! There’s a simple fix.

Just tap and hold on any long title for a pop-up that displays everything in full, no matter how lengthy.


This post is part is one of 31 tech tips I published in March, 2013You’ll find the rest here.

Van Halen’s “1984” album cover almost featured chrome women

vh1984 is my favorite Van Halen album. Margo Nahas’ painting of the smoking cherub that graces its cover is no small part of its appeal. However, David Lee Roth initially requested “dancing chrome women” as the album’s artwork:

“When the art department at Warner Bros. Records asked Van Halen what they wanted for the cover of their sixth album, singer David Lee Roth said, ‘Dancing chrome women.’ (He didn’t say why.) The Warner Bros. art department brought in Margo Nahas, an airbrush artist and cover designer with a knack for photo-realism…but after a few weeks, she just couldn’t get the chrome women to look real enough to suit her.”

Find out how the band went from dancing chrome women to cigarette-smoking cherub at Neatorama. Then check out the sweet sneakers I got for Christmas.

Big thanks to Tango Remote

Big thanks to Tango Remote HD for sponsoring the site this week.

This app is really cool, and lets one iOS device act as a remote control for the music and video on another. I’ve been using it for quite a while and can say it works well.

To get started, connect your iPad, for example, to a stereo or powered speakers with Tango Remote running. Next, launch the app on your iPhone and control the music playback as long as you’re on the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. No more running back and forth. You can even create playlists on the fly with the remote device.

What’s cool is that it works with video on your device, too. Connect an iPad to your HDTV with Apple’s Digital AV Adapter and use the iPhone or iPod touch to control it while enjoying a wired, direct connection between the TV and the iPad.

Tango Remote is available now from the App Store for $4.99. Check it out.

Big thanks to SpotQueue and SpotQueue Remote

Big thanks to SpotQueue (free) and SpotQueue Remote by Blue Atlas Technology, LLC for sponsoring the site this week.

SpotQueue is a music player for your Spotify playlists. It offers features that the Spotify app doesn’t. Advanced Queueing lets you create and edit playlists on the fly. You can add a new track or album with one tap. Insert a track, album or whole playlist into any existing playlist with two taps. Create new playlist and re-arrange the queue during playback, and save a playlist that turned out especially well.

It’s easy to skip back and forth, control steam quality and manage playlists.

SpotQueue Remote lets you control SpotQueue from your pocket. Connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running SpotQueue to a stereo or powered speakers. Then, use SpotQueue Remote to control it from anywhere on the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. Now you can manage your radio stations and SpotQueue’s Advanced Queueing from wherever you are. Control playback, mark favorites, and adjust stream quality. All from the iPhone in your pocket.

Grab them both and enjoy Spotify in a whole new way.

Use iTunes 11 ‘Up Next’ to create an on-the-fly playlist – Update

Update: David Chartier points out @chucker‘s instructions for adding a track to an Up Next playlist with a keyboard shortcut. Huzzah!

Apple has released iTunes 11, which offers a major redesign of the decade-old media player/store. Alongside the visual changes are some clever features, including Up Next. Up Next lets you create an on-the-fly playlist, determining which song follows which during playback.

There are several ways to add to and re-arrange an Up Next playlist. Here’s how to work with Up Next playlists in iTunes 11.

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