Apple rolls out iTunes Match internationally [Update]

Apple has begun launching iTunes Match in several countries, including France, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

I resisted signing up for iTunes Match until last week. Now I’m thrilled that I did, as music that I’ve lost has been restored and there’s no need to do a time-consuming transfer from my old Mac. If you haven’t spend the $25, I encourage you to think about it. iTunes Match is a very nice service.

Update: Not so fast, bub. On Thursday morning, Apple is telling customers outside the US and Brazil that iTunes Match “will not function.” According to Gigo Om, users are able to click through the sign-up page but they can’t initiate the service.

If you signed up early and want a refund while the service is non-functional, contact Apple. According to at least one Twitter user, the company has begun issuing refunds.

Update II: It’s live for real this time.

My weekly review & a playlist

It’s important to feel productive and useful. However, many erroneously associate “productive” with “busy.” The image of an office worker who can simultaneously handle a phone call, fire off an email and staple the new cover to his TPS Report is enviable. “Multi-tasking” is a buzzword which suggests a peak state. We should all be so busy, so motivated, so … productive.

He’s getting things done for sure. But I’d argue that the most productive part of my week is when I appear to be doing the least.

Each Sunday morning I sit at my desk with my notebook and pencil. Rdio plays my Weekly Review Playlist while a cup of hot tea silently lets off steam. My computer is off. Nothing is printing, beeping or chirping. It’s my favorite part of the work week, and I’m sharing it with you here, including a Rdio playlist of my weekly review music. Enjoy!

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