iPhone Notification Center wish list (Update)

I love iOS 5’s Notification Center. As I said in this week’s episode of Enough, it was one of my favorite new technologies of 2011. There’s still room for improvement, though, and I’ve listed my Notification Center wish list here. I’ve got no idea how to implement these things, but that’s up to Apple’s developers to figure out. Hop to it, folks.

Timer. The timer should appear in the Notification Center. I often set a timer with Siri while I’m cooking. Siri’s timer looks great, but as soon as you put it away, it’s gone. I keep the clock on the third screen, so it takes some hunting to get to. If it can’t go in the Notification Center, I’d like to ask Siri, “How much time is left on that timer?” [1. Chris Rawson points out that you can ask Siri, ” Show me the timer” or “How’s the timer doing?”.]

Larger “Clear” buttons. They’re way too small and I almost never hit them on the first try. Even better, let me swipe to remove notifications, as I can with email messages.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth toggle. As the settings I change most often, I’d like quick access right in the Notification Center. Swipe on, swipe off.

Favorite contacts widget. I’d love for a widget that notices my favorite contacts and lists them for one-tap call placement from within the Notification Center.

I’ve got one more request but fortunately Rene Ritchie has offered a nice fix. Sometimes I get a banner notification just as I need to tap a button in the scene’s upper right-hand corner. Rather than wait for it to roll out of the way [1. I know,God forbid I have to wait a whole 2-3 seconds for something to happen.], I can quickly flick it away. Thanks, Rene.