iCloud Photo Stream pushed me back to Camera+

For tweeting, at least.

iCloud’s Photo Stream feature is handy, in that it pushes photos shot with a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Apple’s servers and then back to other authorized devices. Meanwhile, iOS 5 has tweeting built in, so there’s a temptation to shoot photo with Apple’s Camera app and then tweet it from the Camera Roll.

That’s fast and convenient, but also a hindrance. Specifically, my iPhone, iPad and Mac are now cluttered with space-hogging one-offs I shot for the sake of a tweet or a Facebook update. [1.  I know what you’re saying. “Stop shooting stupid crap for Twitter.” No.] What’s worse is that you can’t delete such throw-away photos from your Photo Stream with an iDevice. Instead, you’ve got to visit icloud.com and click “Reset Photo Stream,” which nukes the lot, good and bad.  That’s why I’ve started using Camera+ again for tweeting pictures.

When Camera+ was released, it didn’t put a copy of each shot it captured into the Camera Roll. You could move photos to the Camera Roll manually, but it wasn’t automatic. Tap Tap Tap “fixed” this recently with an opt-in setting that I immediately enabled. I’ve since shut it back off.

I understand that I can tweet a photo with any number of Twitter apps, but the one I use on my iPhone, Twitterrific, places photos it shoots into the Camera Roll. I also realize that people who lack my impulse control problem only share photos they want to keep. For you, this is not a problem.

As for me, I want to share photos of my kids, etc. with my Photo Stream recipients, but I don’t want to clog up those machines with pictures of the dumb things I photograph at Burger King. Thanks to Tap Tap Tap for keeping this legacy “feature” intact.