Announcing Home Work – a podcast for home-based workers

I’m elated to announce the availability of Home Work, a new podcast I’ve got on the 70 Decibels Network with co-host Aaron Mahnke of Wet Frog Studios.

Aaron and I have been working from home for years, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two. We discuss all of it in the show, like choosing the right equipment (without breaking the bank), dealing with interruptions, building a support team and so much more. Each week features a discussion plus any goodies we found while conducting research. Think of it as the water cooler talk you don’t get while working at home.

I’m quite proud of Home Work and having it on 70 Decibels is, in my mind, a real stamp of approval. Go get episode one now.

Plus, Aaron killed it on the logo.

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52 Pickup episode 1 with CJ Chilvers

Here’s another free episode of 52 Pickup, my members-only podcast. This episode features part one of my conversation with author and photographer and author CJ Chilvers. It’s photography made simple on 52 Pickup.

Did you enjoy the episode? Become a member and get a new one like it three days a week.

Apple to stream Paul McCartney concert live

Apple will stream a live Paul McCartney concert to iTunes and the Apple TV on February 9th, starting at 7:00 PM PST. Apple has streamed live concerts before (see London’s iTunes Festival), but this is the first time the Apple TV has been included.

It’s an excellent use for the device, and I hope to see a lot more of it. For example, I’d love to watch some of Apple’s excellent “Meet the Author” and  “Meet the Filmmaker” events live. Now that would Apple television.

Episode 100 of Enough

I was lucky enough to take part in the 100th episode of Enough, the Minimal Mac podcast. In addition to co-hosts Myke Hurley and Patrick Rhone, I sat in with Shawn Blanc, Randy Murray, Aaron MahnkeJulio Ojeda-Zapata, Brett Kelly, Stephen Hackett and Terry Lucy. The topic was our favorite tech from 2011 and our hopes for 2012. It’s a long episode as we got de-railed a bit (I described how to wear a proper Rally Cap in Fenway), but not too much.

Thanks to Patrick and Myke for having me on. It was a lot of fun and you can catch the show here.

11 Minutes Podcast

Late last year Terry Lucy, Myke Hurley and I were talking after recording an episode of The Bro Show. During that conversation, we got onto the topic of podcasts and I mentioned an idea I’ve been thinking about for over a year.

Imagine you’ve spent time with friends, having a drink and a laugh, letting the conversation go where it may. Later, you might be asked, “What did you guys talk about last night?” Inevitably, you’d recount the one story that stood out as the most interesting, funny or engaging. That’s what I want to get at: the best part of a casual, friendly and spontaneous conversation.

From that exchange, the 11 Minutes Podcast was born. Myke, Terry and I open beers, sit and talk. Often for up to two hours. There’s no agenda, and no pre-defined topics. The conversation goes where it will. Then, we identify the best 11 minutes, delete the rest and share it with you.

Each episode is 11 minutes long, each can be about anything and we’re thrilled to announce that episode 1 is available now. We hope you like it.