Sprint will offer unlimited data on the next iPhone

That is, if the next-generation iPhone offers LTE. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told CNET that the company is happy to offer unlimited data to its iPhone customers:

“Frankly, it’s a marriage made in heaven. We’re clearly attracting customers from our competitors.”

Indeed. The iPhone was a bright spot in an otherwise dismal first quarter report from Sprint. The company posted a net loss of $863M, yet sold 1.5 million iPhones, the majority of which went to new customers.

I’m currently using AT&T because I’m grandfathered into the unlimited data plan I purchased when the original iPhone was released. I really dislike AT&T and would consider jumping to Sprint if unlimited data is still available when I’m eligible.

Waiting in line

Many people dislike waiting in line for Apple products, or condemn those who do as fanatics, divorced from reality. I enjoy it, and this article about Parisian fans articulates why:

“‘It’s amazing to come here and see the show. Apple is a big company, and they do the party well,’ said [customer] Marieke Loppin, a Parisian who’s buying an iPad for her fiance and headed to the Apple store to ‘enjoy the moment.’  ‘It was nice for the Apple staff to talk to us,’ said [shopper Caroline Belin] ‘We had some coffee.'”

I agree. Standing around can be a bore, especially if the weather is unpleasant, but I usually end up talking to interesting people in line. It’s a good time.

YBUY lets customers try an iPad for 30 days


“YBUY, the new try-before-you-buy online subscription service, announced today that it will be carrying Apple’s third generation iPad, starting today at www.ybuy.com. Orders placed today will be shipped to customers before April 1, 2012. YBUY, which officially launched in January, gives consumers a chance to test drive the latest in electronics, home and kitchen gadgets for 30 days before they commit to purchase.”

Back when I sold cars, this was known as the Puppy Dog Close. “Look, just take him home for the night, then come back tomorrow and tell me you don’t want him.” Worked 99% of the time.

And iPads won’t even wet on the floor.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

Apple Store app updated with “account” feature

Apple has released version 2.1 of its Apple Store app for iPhone (free). A new “account” feature lets users update their billing and shipping information right from the app. Until now, you had to open a browser to make those changes. Version 2.1 also introduces the app to the Netherlands.

I recently used the app’s EasyPay feature at the Hingham, Ma Apple Store. It felt so much like stealing, that I was compelled to show an employee what I bought before I left. “It’s OK,” she said. “We trust you.”

Ebay’s iPad trade-ins increase tenfold over last year

Anticipation for the next-generation iPad is high 1 and today’s March 7 announcement has users getting rid of old units. According to CNET, Ebay has seen a tenfold increase in trade-ins over this time last year. Specifically, the company says it received 25,000 tablet trade-in offers in February, 97.6 percent of which were iPads.

Those numbers refer to the Ebay Instant Sale program, not auctions. Ebay Instant Sales let customers trade their devices right away for cash.

I’ve been selling my “old” tech to finance new purchases for years. I’ve never used Ebay Instant Sale, but had great experiences with Sell Your Mac and Gazelle.

  1. Which my colleague Steve Sande dubbed iPad TNG. Brilliant.

Time machine – Apple to open retail chain

Here’s an article published by The Wall Street Journal on Sept. 29, 2000, describing Apple’s new retail initiative:

“A retail chain could help Apple boost sales — an important concern after the company surprised Wall Street late yesterday by announcing that its quarterly revenue and profit will be far lower than expected.

A chain of Apple stores would help bolster what many see as a weakness in Apple’s strategy: distribution…’Distribution is one facet of Apple’s business that deserves management attention,’ said David Bailey, an analyst at Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co. If Apple doesn’t develop more distribution channels, he said, ‘that could potentially hamper Apple’s growth.’

Mission accomplished.