Apple’s share menu in iOS 6 (Update)

Apple enhanced the sharing features with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. In addition to options like email and text, users can now share with Facebook, Twitter and more, directly from the share menu. It’s very handy but also posted a challenge to developers: how to display every option in a way that’s not cluttered or overwhelming. The team succeeded by replacing the text-based list with a grid of icons.

What’s available varies between applications and scenarios. In this post, I’ll look at the various share menus in iOS 6 and point out the similarities and differences. Let’s get started.

One quick aside first. The glasses depicted in the Add to Reading List button above are consistent with the icon in Safari for Mac. It made me remember that there used to be an icon in iBooks that resembled Steve Jobs’ famous round specs, which is apparently absent in iBooks in iOS 6. Bummer.

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