Hacking Tea Timer for the Pomodoro Technique

I love the Pomodoro Technique for productivity, which alternates timed work/break sessions. There are all sorts of Pomodoro-themed timers, apps, etc. you can use, but I’m quite happy with Tea Timer, a 99-cent app for the Mac that I’m already using for brewing tea. Here’s how I use it.

Tea Timer lets you create presets for your preferred types of tea. I’ve created two, one called “Work” and another called “Break.” The Work preset runs for 15 minutes [1. Strict Pomodoro practice says work sessions must be 25 minutes. I’ve found 15-minute bursts to be better for me.] and Break runs for 10 minutes. Now I simply click the appropriate button and the session begins. A “ding” and Growl notification let me know when time’s up.

Multi-functioning software, I love it!