The tea video

A few of you wrote with questions about my tea video. As an insufferable tea nerd I could discus it at length, but I’d rather keep you as a reader. So here are the details in short.

Everything comes from Adagio Teas. The kettle is the UtiliTEA Kettle. I love it because you can tune the dial to the type of tea you’re brewing, like green, white, etc. That way, the water is heated to exactly the right temperature.

The pot is my beloved IngenuiTEA, which brews a cup at a time. It’s ingenious because, after brewing is complete, the tea pours out of the bottom. Simply press it onto your cup to being pouring. An internal filter keeps the leaves inside the pot. Here’s a video of the IngenuiTEA in action.

As for the tea itself, I especially like whites and greens. White Monkey, Dragonwell and Citron Green are among my favorites. Silver Needle is also very good but pricey.

After putting the video together, I realized that I missed a step. While the tea brews, I pour piping hot water into my cup to heat it. When the tea is ready, I dump the hot water and pour the tea into my properly warmed cup.

Finally, the Mac app is Tea Timer. No frills and it works perfectly.

If you’ve read this far, good for you. I love the taste of tea but I enjoy the ritual even more. It takes a bit of work and attention, and that’s the whole point. For a few minutes a day, there’s nothing to do but prepare and anticipate a cup of hot tea. I love it.