Samsung’s UNPACKED 2013 event

Here’s when I knew there was going to be a problem. 93 seconds in:

Host: “Hey, everybody, welcome to Samsung UNPACKED 2013. You ready Jeremy?”

Jeremy: “I’m ready.”

Host: “Let me see inside the box.”

Jeremy: “No”

Host flashes exaggerated look of befuddlement to the audience

Host: “I’ll give you a candy bar.”

Jeremy: “You’ll see it in a few minutes. First, you have to welcome everyone. Didn’t you get a script?”

Jeremy exits

Oh God. They’re doing comedy. At 2:06, I was afraid. At 2:33:

Host: “I began my career twenty years ago on this stage as a Rockette.”

And that’s when I checked out.

The Verge has a great run-down of Samsung’s puzzling UNPACKED 2013 event. The show had lots of problems, like the aggressively un-funny jokes and “drunken” Dee Dee who ogled a groundskeeper, refused to put down her drink and asked if she could exercise while eating cheesecake. Not to mention the time-wasting dance numbers [1. Remember, this was an event for journalists, not theatre fans.] and the notion that the event should be a revue in the first place. I don’t know what Samsung was thinking, as Qualcomm’s over-produced 2013 CES keynote also went over like a lead balloon.

The biggest problem was that the production itself was the star, not the phone. We should be taking about the Galaxy S4 this week, not Dee Dee.