Create an iPhone ringtone from a Voice Memo recording

A friend recently asked me if it’s possible to make an iPhone ringtone from a Voice Memo recording. The answer is yes, of course! This article describes how, step by step. You might want to do this for several reasons. Humor is one, of course, but why not have a few friends, the kids or a relative use the Voice Memos app to record themselves saying, “It’s me,” then use that as a custom tone for those contacts? It’s fun and easy. Here’s how to do it.

Recording the voice memo

Apple’s Voice Memos app reminds me of businessmen in movies from the 1980’s who were always reciting important tidbits into pocket-sized tape recorders. Today, Voice Memos lets you do something very similar, minus the cassettes and the DeLorean. To make a recording, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Voice Memos app.
  2. The main window appears. To begin your recording, tap the red Record/Pause button on the left.
  3. A “ding” signifies the start of a recording. When you’re finished, tap the Stop button in the lower right (another “ding” signifies the recording’s conclusion).
  4. The list view appears and your newly-recorded message plays back.

That’s it! You’ve made a recording. If you’re satisfied with it, great. If not, tap Done in the upper right-hand corner and try again. Before we move on to the next section, I’ll offer a couple of notes. First, watch the needle while you’re recording. If it’s spending a lot of time in the red, your source is too loud. Back away or reduce the volume if you can. Also, you can trim a recording if you’ve got some unwanted sound at the beginning or end. Here’s how.

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