Conditions is a handy weather report for iPhone

cond_currentConditions is a weather app for iPhone ($0.99) that’s simple, clean and legible. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and find it a great little at-a-glance weather report. Here’s my look at Conditions.


Conditions is clean, crisp and highly legible. The icons representing various weather conditions are cute and communicate their message well. Plus, the pull-to-refresh animation is great. I hope more developers do something with this. It’s just fun.


Conditions is limited in what it presents. You can get the current conditions for your present location, or a five-day forecast. That’s it. Those looking for more should turn elsewhere. However, if you simply want to know “what will the weather be like on Saturday?”, Conditions has you covered.

The app notes your location (once you give it permission) and presents the current temperature and condition. Tap once to view the five-day forecast, and again to return to the current conditions. You can opt between Fahrenheit or Celsius, or let the app determine which to use, based on your location. Conditions is also smart enough to note the time of day or night, and switch between a light or dark theme on its own.

I must admit that I was impressed that Conditions found my little rinky-dink town. Many weather apps don’t.


If you like animated maps, barometric readings and more, Conditions will leave you wanting. Those who are after a great-looking, simple answer to “What’s the weather?” should check out Conditions. It’s no-frills and just works.


So damned goofy, again

Ben Brooks recently dismissed Outside for the iPhone as “so damned goofy.” Too goofy, in fact, to even download. This week, he praised Shine, another iPhone weather app. After ripping on the app’s icon, [1. Well deserved.] he says:

“The visual styling of the rest of the app is top notch…”

So Shine’s obviously cartoonish rainclouds are less “goofy” than Outside’s cartoonish raindrops?

shine outside for iPhone

Of course, these icons represent a portion of Shine’s overall aesthetic, unlike Outside which maximizes the comic book art feel. Still, they are a significant part of the app’s “top notch visual styling.”