Former NYC pay phones to become Wi-Fi hotspots


“The City today announced a pilot program to add free public Wi-Fi at payphone kiosks throughout the five boroughs. [There are] 10 initial locations with Wi-Fi service. Additional hotspots will come in the following months.”

I love it. Former public communication hubs re-worked to resume their role. Well done, NYC.

[Via Gigaom]

Enable iPhone Airplane mode, keep WiFi while traveling

Traveling internationally with an iPhone can be extremely expensive. Even if you arrange for an international plan with your provider, it’s possible to find a staggering bill at the end of the month. Your best bet is to disable cellular data and restrict Internet access to Wi-Fi, but how can you be sure you’ve set your iPhone up properly? It’s easy with Airplane Mode and the Wi-Fi settings. Here’s how.

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