Let Siri find airplanes over your head

As I research the use of Apple’s Siri as a traveler’s tool, I find amazing things. Here’s a fun, compelling trick from iDownloadBlog that has Siri identify the airplanes that are in the sky above your location at any time.

Simply launch Siri and ask, “Wolfram planes overhead.” It will use your phone’s GPS location and Wolfram’s flight path trajectory data to identify planes in your area. You’ll receive each flight’s speed, heading, and altitude (with a five-minute delay) from the Federal Aviation Commission‘s real-time trajectory data, as well as airplane type and slant distance, which is the exact angle between your iPhone and the plane. Finally, a sky map provides a visual overview.

There’s more. Ask Siri, “Wolfram flights overhead” to see details from the various airlines as well as a sky map (below).

Need to pick someone up at the airport? Now you know exactly — and I mean exactly — where their plane is.