The WSD Productivity Method

My readers know that I geek out on formal methods of productivity enhancement. Any system that allows me to complete my work in a timely and orderly fashion is worth exploration. Apps, hardware, tips, tricks…all of it is ripe for consideration and evaluation.

During the past few years, as I investigated everything from GTD to the Noguchi Filing System, I collected the various schools of thought and rendered all of it down to a system of my own. It’s simple but powerful. Complex but accessible. Chaotic but Zen.

It’s called Write Shit Down (WSD).

Here’s how it works.


  • Hand
  • Opposable thumb(s)
  • Pen
  • Piece of paper


  • Average fine motor skills
  • Working knowledge of your preferred alphabet


Capture ideas, tasks, lists, missives and so on (read: STUFF) through a clever marriage of hardware and software. Grip pen (hardware) and apply (software) to paper (hardware), then draw (software) letters that form words which are related to the task/list/missive at hand.


For enhanced effectiveness, consider these add-ons.

  • Look at resulting list at regular intervals
  • Acquire a spouse whose exasperated disappointment reinforces need for the WSD system
  • Mortgage
  • Prescription stimulants

If you implement WSD, let me know how it goes. In fact, write yourself a reminder to do so. Now. Like, right now.