Thanks to 20Mile Technologies

A big thanks to 20Mile Technologies for being this week’s sponsor.

The team at 20Mile Tech offer a nice array of web solutions for a wide range of businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to large businesses. Of course, it’s how the team works that’s allowed 20Mile to grow so rapidly.

In this series of blog posts, 20Mile’s Dave Fravel describes the questionaire  it uses when planning an commerce solution for a client:

“Notice that there are no questions about design, SEO, navigation, target audience or user experience. Those questions are part of a different meeting and questionnaire. Our goal at this stage is to help you determine what the site should do before we talk about what it looks like or how people will find out about it.”

You can download the questionnaire in that post. 20Mile Tech is a small team of dedicated and talented individuals. Give them a call when considering your next web project.