The end of 52 Tiger memberships

I launched 52 Tiger memberships about a year ago. At the time, I wanted to offer readers a compelling reason to give me $3 per month. I’ve failed to do that.

The members-only podcast, 52 Pickup, has gone through several format revisions. I’ve not been pleased with any of them. Scratch that. Two episodes were very good, but took entirely too long to produce. I set a precedent with a fantastic show I couldn’t maintain. For that reason, I’m closing memberships down.

The vast majority of memberships renew on the 9th. I suggest you all cancel payment before then. If you purchased an annual or lifetime membership — or if you’ve already paid for August — I will issue a refund. Just let me know.

Sponsorships will continue.

Finally, let me say thank you to everyone who supported me as a member. Your generosity and faith mean so much. Also, I apologize for disappointing so many of you. I regret the failure and hope you’ll remain a reader.