Three reasons to use Teux Deux

My last “Three reasons” post was well-received, and I enjoyed writing it. As a foll0w-up, here are three reasons to use Teux Deux for iPhone ($2.99).

Teux Deux is a simple task manager with a (free) companion web site. It’s beautiful, simple and useful. I think you should be using it. Here are three reasons why.

The Someday Bucket. Most task managers overlook this extremely important resource. Many of the ideas we get throughout the day are compelling but poorly-timed. Those ideas either rot in an inbox while you avoid figuring them out or are dismissed entirely as unlikely or impossible. A Someday/Maybe List places a stake in the ground for those items so they’ll pop back up during your weekly review for re-evaluation. Kudos to the Teux Deux team for including this.

Effortless, over-the-air sync. Enter an item via your browser and it appears on the iPhone. Mark an item as done on your iPhone and that 0h-so-satisfying strikethrough shows up in your browser. If you’re impatient you can tap the “sync” button to get things going.

This is gorgeous.

The app’s UI is quiet and highly usable. Re-order items with a hold-and-drag, create new tasks by tapping the text field (two taps to create a new item) and swipe from day-to-day. Tapping “Someday” brings up that list. Finally, unfinished tasks automatically roll over to the following day.

Teux Deux is an app that productivity nerds with a penchant for design will enjoy. It looks great and works as advertised with over-the-air sync to boot.