Three reasons to use Tweetbot

Tapbots has released Tweetbot 2.0, a major update to its popular Twitter client for iPhone (and now for the iPad, too). There’s a lot to like about this update, but I’m going to focus on three reasons to use Tweetbot 2.0.

Readability integration. My love affair with low-distraction readers continues, thanks to Tweetbot. Much like its desktop browser counterpart, Readability in Tweetbot lets you read an article without ads, footer or header. A toggle switch appears once you’ve tapped an article linked in a tweet. Flip it to the right for the mobile view. From there, several layout customization options are available. First, the font can be re-sized. You’ll also find five themes to choose from: Newspaper, Novel, eBook, Inverse (pictured below) and Athelas. You can also adjust the width of the article and share it via Facebook, email or Twitter. The Readability view is so beautiful and useful, it’s almost reason enough to use the app.

Before Readability (left) and after. Which would you rather read?

Customizable triple-tap. You can determine what happens when you tap on a tweet three times. The options are: Reply, Retweet, Favorite, Translate or View in Favstar. I’ve set it up to reply, as that’s what I do most often. It’s extremely fast and handy.

In-line images. When someone tweets an image, you’ve got to decide if you want to look or not: Do you know the person? What does the tweet say? Still, it’s possible to get tricked into looking at something you’d rather not see. Now, Tweetbot offers a small thumbnail right on the tweet itself, making the decision for you. And yes, those are Tricia Helfer’s legs pictured at right. I’d have given her the nuke codes, too.

A person’s choice of Twitter client is intensely personal. It’s like asking someone who they voted for. For you undecideds, here are three reasons to use Tweetbot.