Time for an entrance reducer?

Ok today was the third consecutive day I’ve seen my bees fighting yellow jackets at the hive entrance. It’s not a full-on robbing situation but this is a first-year hive that I established in May, and they’re still building comb in the second brood box. It may be an overreaction but I put an entrance reducer on this evening at the 3″ setting.

The bees seemed a little confused at first, walking over to the newly-sealed side and even started hovering in front of the hive as if it were an orientation flight. I’m guessing they were checking out this new “feature.”

Hopefully I did the right thing by putting the reducer on (I can always remove it of course). As a young hive it’s not a strong hive and with the dearth coming I don’t want them to get overwhelmed and robbed.

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