Twitter is making me dumber

Reading tweets is like a car ride with someone who’s just slammed an 8 ball. We bounce between unrelated thoughts, ideas, conversations, suggestions, requests, etc. in a matter of seconds. There’s no time to give anything a moment’s contemplation. For example, here are the some recent, sequential tweets from my stream:

  1. @shelitwits I knew the answer to that one!
  2. Beer break after assembling too much office furniture.
  3. RT @baixakioficial Mito ou verdade: Macs não servem para jogos?
  4. RT @yummygoods: want a copy of my book? want to read about  random stuff? i have just the post for you:
  5. So, it might be who I follow, but MY view via the Tweets app is really noisy. cc @MarioSundar . Others might have a better shot.
  6. #Opensource #HIT data exchange: “Anyone can see it at”-CTO Chopra #g2e #gov20
  7. Computer model shows Earth’s mantle is speeding
  8. Hey the American Library Association was just an answer/question (whatever!) on Jeopardy!
  9. #Opensource #HIT data exchange: “Anyone can see it at”-CTO Chopra #g2e #gov20
  10. One less, for now:  One of the five wind turbines proposed for private property in South Plymouth m…
  11. So, if I want to share about an Internet Marketing community with LinkedIn, I just do –  #in ?
  12. ME! RT @TheChip Guess who’s coming to #Sturgis Buffalo Chip for his next Big Adventure?

Breaking it down:

Tweets 1, 2 and 5 are partial conversations that I’ve missed. Therefore, they’re just clutter. Number 2 is a pleasantry that has no bearing on my day. Number 3 is in a language I don’t understand. Numbers 4, 11 and 12 are sales pitches.  I honestly don’t know what numbers 6 and 9 are about; I assume the author is attending a convention or workshop.

Numbers 7, 8 and 10 are interesting and I’d like to follow up on them, but they’re lost in the noise. Plus, by the time I get to wind turbines, I’ve forgotten about the Earth’s mantle and 20 more tweets have arrived, demanding attention.

This phenomenon isn’t unique to Twitter. Facebook also offers Information McNuggets. Instapaper makes me feel good momentarily, but I know that I’ll probably not read that article I saved in a timely manner. Days later, I’ll sync Instapaper on my iPad and remember, “Oh, yeah. I wanted to read this the other day. And these fourteen others.”

Social media allows people to reach out and distract each other. The immediacy of the Internet is a benefit and a hindrance, reducing thoughts and stories to virtual Tic Tacs that we mindlessly pop into our mouths. By all means, connect to those who interest you and share what you’ve got. But also take time to stop, reflect and think. Or you’ll end up worse for the experience.


  1. This is exactly why I don’t use Twitter. For all of the hype and usage that Twitter gets, I find it a mess of unorganized and confusing information that takes real effort to parse into meaningful information retrieval.

  2. I struggle with Twitter. I killed my Facebook account long ago. I appreciate the simplicity of Twitter but despite my best efforts my feed reads like yours in that it is often a random, discombobulated, series of partial conversations. Amazingly though I still get sucked into it as it’s still the reigning king of distractions for me.

    My solution isn’t exactly original but it always works, I just open Twitter less. When I do, I brace for the sea of noise that comes with it because sometimes in the midst of the noise there really are great articles, interesting people, and conversations that had it not been for the world of social media I would have probably never discovered.

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