What if “watch” is the wrong word?

Many tech blogs have published articles about the possibility that Apple is working on a new, wearable device. For lack of a better term, most are calling it a watch. I suspect that’s inaccurate.

Imagine that Apple isn’t specifically designing a watch, but the next step in its portable devices. Something that does much of what iOS devices do today, only in a novel way, and in a smaller form factor. Small enough to be, say, attached to one’s wrist. It’s understandable to think of this thing as a watch because that’s the logical point of reference. But Apple excels at skating to where the puck will be, not where it is, and most of us can’t see that far ahead.

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  1. Miles says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. Why not an iPod? It didn’t make much sense for an mp3 player at first.

  2. Hamranhansenhansen says:

    “Phone” is the wrong word for iPhone also, so this makes perfect sense. Apple dropped “Computer” from their name but they continue to make computers.

    • Lloyd says:

      Exactly my thought: “iWatch” sounds like an understatement- but Apple did the same by calling their last disruption a phone.

      • Jon says:

        Apple called their phone an iPgone because it was the best name, and because it makes phone called. It’s easy to grasp, easy to remember, everyone needs a phone, it sounds like an Apple product and it was unique. Just like the fact the iPad replaces a paper pad, iTV will be a TV and iWatch very likely may be Apple wrist effort. Why iWatch? Same as why iPhone. It goes on your wrist, it tells the time, it’s catchy, it’s easy to remember, it’s self-explanatory, and it sounds like an Apple product. And Apple are famous for using, not understated named, but simple ones.

        Why iPod? Will as I said, the name should be a good name, and iPad was, and it wasn’t a phone. And the only other portable music product the world knew was Walkman, and that was taken.

  3. Kapila Wimalaratne says:

    I think it would be sad if “watch” wasn’t the right word. Of course it’s going to do a lot more than tell the time, the same way the iPhone does a lot more than make phone calls, but the device needs a default view.

    The main reason the square iPod nano wasn’t up to scratch as a watch was that a button had to be pressed to bring up the time.

  4. eas says:

    I think your thinking is on the right track, but you are still thinking in terms of a new device replacing an existing device.

  5. robro says:

    iPhone is a watch of sorts already, and despite its elegance, it’s still bulky. That Apple might be experimenting with the form factor seems inevitable, and perhaps the future involves several lightweight and easy to wear/carry components.

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