Why is Apple making the Mac harder? (Update)

Interesting thoughts from Michael Schechter:

“While there will always be things that need to exist outside of the Mac App Store for the geeky amongst us, the exclusion of something as useful and harmless as TextExpander shows the flaws in the current execution of App Sandboxing. The idea of protecting users from harm makes sense; the execution of protecting users from conveniently installing and maintaining useful software makes none.”

I don’t know enough about development to comment on sandboxing in the Mac App Store. But as a consumer, I’m disappointed to see three of the store’s strengths — easy updating, multi-machine installs and the ease of setting up a new machine — go away.

Update: As one reader suggested, I misspoke in this post. I’m not suggesting that conveniences like easy updates and re-downloads are being removed from the Mac App Store. They’re very much intact. Instead, apps that are forced out of the store, like Textexpander, will no longer benefit from those niceties. An important distinction.