Why use an @icloud email address?

Last week, Apple announced that iCloud customers could begin using an “@icloud” email address. I wondered why someone would use @icloud vs. @me or even @mac.com. I put the question to Twitter and got a few good answers. Here’s what you had to say.

Nathan Chase found that his @me address was too short to sign up for certain services.

Matt Hayhurst had a great observation. @mac and @icloud are clearly Apple-branded addresses, while @me could be anything.

Joshua Miller notes that it’s helped people understand exactly what iCloud is. “I don’t know how many times I have the conversation, ‘What is iCloud?’ This finally tells folks it’s an email service+.”

All good observations, but I think Matt hit on something. Giving someone an @icloud or @mac email address says, “I’m an Apple customer.” @me doesn’t.

UpdateDevir Kahan at The Geek’s Companion adds this:

“Most people don’t even know that Apple ever offered @me.com accounts. They think it’s just a really cool email address. Plus, even if you don’t opt to switch to it entirely, you will still get any emails sent to your automatically-generated-by-Apple @icloud.com address. They’ll just show up in you @me.com inbox without you having to do anything. Stick with @me.com and you get the best of both worlds.”



  1. Some people (like me) prefer email address, that doesn’t tell, that it is Apple-branded address.
    I believe, most people don’t like @icloud.com. @me.com is cool, easy to remember and just “general”. I like Apple, their product, but @icloud.com seems to me silly. I was so stupid, that I missed registration, and now I can’t get domain @me.com. I slap myself everyday for this. I would LOVE to have email with domain @me.com, and make switch from gmail. I won’t with @icloud. But there is not chance anymore…
    Stupid, stupid me…
    I mean “stupid me”, not stupid @me.com ;)

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