First Windows Phone 7 ad

As a bit of social commentary, I love it. As an advertisement it’s even better.

You’ll notice that it doesn’t explain how the Windows Phone 7 solves the problem. That doesn’t matter. These ads are targeted towards an emotional demographic, which this commenter at TechFlash exemplifies:

“If you don’t get the ads, it’s because you’re one of those people depicted in the ads and you’re in denial. If you haven’t ever been annoyed by a person who seems incapable of putting your phone down, it probably means that you ARE that person. MS is selling to all those people who aren’t you (and maybe some of the ones that are, but have some self awareness and feel some shame for being such tools). If you are what I am calling “normal” for lack of a better word, you might think these ads are very very clever. They might even give you a sense of smug satisfaction. Smug satisfaction sells phones! Or haven’t you noticed? (Yes, fanboys of various stripes, I’m looking at you.)

Pretty much every geek in the U.S. already has an android or an iPhone, yet we’re really only at the birth of the smart phone revolution. So, who else is going to buy phones? The non nerds, i.e., ordinary people, people that want to use the phone as a solution to their needs, not people who’s lifestyles revolve around their phones or around technology in general. The ‘ordinaries’ vastly outnumber the geek demographic, a group that is already saturated with phones. MS is not skating towards the puck. They’re skating at where the puck is going to be. They’re targeting the area that will see growth. It’s a pretty obvious strategy if you think about it, but pretty brilliant that they arrived at it first. (Arguably, Apple got there first, especially with the Facetime ads, but I sense MS is really doing something original here, in the way they’re going after average people.).”

Do you hear the anger in his voice? There are legions of people who detest those who are constantly staring at their phones. That’s who Microsoft is selling to. Well done.

Microsoft hopes too pull off a role reversal: the iPhone is the conformist’s device while the WinPhone 7 is for the disgruntled outliers.