Your iPad is not obsolete

Twitter is a simmering cauldron of Nerd Rage this morning as quivering iPad (3) owners lift their fists into the air and shout, “Obsolete!” like the Chancellor condemning Romney Wordsworth.

But they’re wrong.

Your iPad 3 is still a fantastic device, and will continue to work admirably for years. The new iPad with Retina display does not diminish your existing iPad’s usefulness. It can be disappointing not to have the very latest and greatest, but it’s not the least bit necessary.  If you bought your iPad within the last 30 days, take it back to an Apple Store. They’ll replace it with a new one for free. If not, enjoy the fantastic little computer you hold in your hands. It’s a stellar device.

This concludes First World Problems Theatre.


  1. Man, from everything I’ve been seeing on Twitter you’d think that Apple rolled out an update to all the iPad 3s in the world rendering them unusable. I use my iPad as a nightstand monitor for netflix, social updates, and email. The 4th gen update wouldn’t change the way I use it in the least, so (brace yourselves) I’m not buying it! It’s called a choice, and I made it. Is it fun to have the newest model? Sure, but it’s also fun to drive a new car every year, and I don’t do that either. :) In short, I agree with Dave.

  2. Even worse: The new 4th generation iPad still looks the same as the 3rd gen. and 2nd gen. iPad (except for the Lightning port, which is hardly visible).
    How will tech hipsters, entitletards and New Media Douchebags communicate to everybody that they have the “new shiny” without explicitly stopping pedestrians and telling each and every one of them?

  3. Good article – people get pretty negative about little things these days.

    I’ve still got my 1st generation iPod Touch (november 2007) working as a nightstand alarm clock: battery long since died, still running iOS 3, sitting in an obsolete dock. I’m strangely fond of the old thing – it seems a long time ago since this thing was astonishing people who saw it.

  4. iPad 3? Heck, I’ve only ever bought one iPad (the iPad 2), and it’s still a fantastic little device. As nice as the updates are, I haven’t felt an ounce of pain using my iPad 2 for work and play on a daily basis.

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