52 Tiger goes off its meds (Or, I don’t want to be Leonard Zelig anymore)

“The question of whether Zelig was a psychotic or merely extremely neurotic was a question that was endlessly discussed among his doctors. Now I myself felt his feelings were really not all that different from the normal, what one would call the well-adjusted, normal person, only carried to an extreme degree, to an extreme extent. I myself felt that one could really think of him as the ultimate conformist.”

Oh, 52 Tiger. You lovely lunatic. I’ve spent the last two years failing to turn into Gruber or Merlin or all those other people who are smarter and better than me. This site was supposed to be the vehicle and it’s just not going to happen. That’s good news because I’m not Merlin or John.

Honestly, I don’t want to be the iPhone guy. [1. You’re really got to listen to CMD-SPACE with Merlin. Super interview and very inspiring]. I just want to make something exciting and fun that I enjoy. If you like it too, that’s really terrific.

I’m not a writer. Not at all. I do like making little projects and now 52T is about to be a project that I love. Lots of fun articles on things that excite me, on an intermittent schedule. Fewer iPhone case reviews and lots of stories about how much I adore my kids or why I sabotage every single thing I ever try to do or why writing books is torture. Why new email scares the hell out of me and I find that I’m uncomfortable around everyone.

Plus, OPML is the best thing ever.

I’m not Merlin or John, I’m Dave. And now 52T is, too.