52 Weekly 05 – Making lemonade


This week I launched what will be a month-long series on traveling with an iPhone. I’m referring to it as “The iPhone Traveler,” but I could have called it “Lemonade.”

More than a year ago, I set out to write a book on traveling with your iPhone. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. The good news is that I have a lot of material written that I can re-purpose as a travel series here on 52 Tiger.

The other nice thing about it is, I adore travel. There’s nothing like it. Visiting a new place, meeting new people and absorbing a new culture is the most life-affirming thing I know how to do. It’s the one thing I’m thoroughly passionate about. I’ve long dreamed about being a travel writer. Who knows? Maybe this month will help 52 Tiger shift focus for the long-term.

This week’s issue features the travel stories I’ve published to 52 Tiger so far. I hope you enjoy them. You can receive weekly updates to 52 Weekly on Flipboard by subscribing here. See you on Monday.