52 Weekly 8


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Another fun week comes to a close. Here’s a big change that’s happening to 52 Tiger as of right now: comments are on by default.

I am a hypocrite. I’ve sworn up and down for years that I’d never allow comments on this site. Why the change of heart? A trial period. I’ve been quietly enabling comments here and there for months now. In all that time, I’ve only received positive, constructive messages. Plus, a few good conversations have been born. And I liked the conversations. So, for the first time, comments are a regular part of 52 Tiger.

I also published my first-ever guest post. Two, in fact. Each from my sister, who is a First Officer with United Airlines. They were very well received, and I got to play the role of proud older brother and show off a bit.

Next week will feature more travel posts. In fact, I want to ask you about that. How do you like it? I’m considering making travel posts a more permanent feature of the site. I’d like to hear  your thoughts. Have a good weekend, everybody. I’ll see you on Monday.

Comments, for a change, are open.


  1. I’ve had comments on for the duration of my site, I just don’t think the traffic is there to support a commenting population as of yet. But glad to see you are getting some good feedback.

  2. I enjoy the comments from both a conversational stand point and as an additional information opportunity. 52 Tiger is a great site that helps rookie techies like myself to learn, and to be proud of my brother, Dave. Great writing too.

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