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medaveI was the managing editor at AOL Tech’s The Unofficial Apple Weblog (The archive of which is now the “Apple” category on Engadget) for eight years. In that time, I covered major Apple releases, reviewed countless pieces of software and hardware, interviewed developers, produced podcasts and video, oversaw the site’s day-to-day editorial and edited more articles than I can remember. It was a great experience that I’ll remember fondly.

Today I work with disabled adults as my day job, and run a Dungeons and Dragons Club for kids as my side gig.  52 Tiger is a personal site for reflections, articles and fun. You can subscribe to the RSS feed below. Take your pick.

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You don’t post every day.

That’s right. Here’s why.

Go Sox.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon. This means I receive a commission if you follow an Amazon link on this site and then make a purchase. My credibility is extremely important to me, therefore I only endorse products I have personally purchased and used. This site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Re: iPhone Slide Lock Thing.

    You can accidentally tap the camera button as much as you like – wont open the camera app unless you slide it up.

    I love the new screen. I had my 4s for about 3 minutes before I predicted they would do it this way with the next update.

    And I’m left handed.

    Why doesn’t it do the same on iPad with 5.1 ?

    Great site, enjoying it.

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