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medaveHi. I’m your Internet friend Dave and I do a lot of things. As a middle-aged white man, I’m compelled to share them publicly via a site no one asked for or wants. Here’s what I do.

For eight years I was the Managing Editor at AOL Tech’s The Unofficial Apple Weblog, where I covered major Apple releases, reviewed countless pieces of software and hardware, interviewed developers, produced podcasts and video, oversaw the site’s day-to-day editorial and edited more articles than I can remember.

But that was then. Today:

I write about all of that here. If you want to read along, cool. Here are your RSS options. Remember RSS?

You don’t post every day.

That’s right. Here’s why.

Go Sox.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon. This means I receive a commission if you follow an Amazon link on this site and then make a purchase. My credibility is extremely important to me, therefore I only endorse products I have personally purchased and used. This site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Re: iPhone Slide Lock Thing.

    You can accidentally tap the camera button as much as you like – wont open the camera app unless you slide it up.

    I love the new screen. I had my 4s for about 3 minutes before I predicted they would do it this way with the next update.

    And I’m left handed.

    Why doesn’t it do the same on iPad with 5.1 ?

    Great site, enjoying it.

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