App Cubby

Huge thanks to App Cubby for being my inaugural sponsor. App Cubby is the home of Trip Cubby, Gas Cubby and Mirror Free. Gas Cubby lets you track mileage and auto maintenance across vehicles. There’s online sync for backups, beautiful charts and graphs, customizable reminders and more. I’ve been using Gas Cubby for years and will continue to do so for a long time. Here’s a review I wrote at TUAW.

Trip Cubby is essential for anyone who must track mileage for work. Designed with IRS compatibility in mind, Trip Cubby features export to Excel-compatible .csv via email attachment. Every January, I export my Trip Cubby data to Excel and hand it over to my accountant. You’ll also find online sync for backups, customizable “frequent trip” settings for quick data entry, beautiful charts and graphs, customizable reimbursement rates and more. Again, this is an app I’ve used for years and wouldn’t want to be without.

Finally, Mirror Free is a fun, free app that uses the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera as a mirror. Tap to freeze any image.

Thanks again to App Cubby. They make great apps that I love, and you probably will, too.