App of the Week: Race to the Pennant


Today’s App of the Week is Race to the Pennant ($0.99, universal) for iPhone and iPad. It lets fans of Major League Baseball track their team’s progress towards the playoffs with fun, informative bar graphs and information.

I like this app because it’s simple and it presents information in a clear and unique way. The main screen is divided into the American League and the National League. Each league is further divided into the Eastern, Central and Western division. Finally, each division presents its five teams as a colored bar.

Each win moves that team’s bar closer to the top of the screen. As the season progresses, a quick glance presents the standings in an attractive and very readable bar graph. You can tap any division for a more detailed view (above). This reveals a team’s win/lost record, current steak, record across the last five and last ten games, and finally the number of games back.

But there’s more! Swipe across any team’s detail screen to see more info on its record and to read related articles on You can also identify your favorite division.

Race to the Pennant has been updated since this post was originally published, and the latest version (1.1) greatly improves the speed with which its data is uploaded. Previously, scores weren’t updated until the following morning. Now it happens on game day. You can also set a favorite division and the app loads it on launch, which is very nice. In addition, the app now pulls news from a different source and it’s much more readable on an iPhone.

Race to the Pennant is simple, great-looking and fun. Developer Tyler Hillsman is doing a great job with it, even if he is a Royals fan.