Apple will reportedly kill Ping this fall

AllThingsD is reporting that Apple will kill Ping, its iTunes-based social network, this fall. It’s suggested the next major release of iTunes will see the end of Ping as Apple builds upon its relationships with Twitter and Facebook. John Paczkowski writes:

“Why not leave the social stuff to the social people who are good at it? Apple might be great at software and hardware, but its skills in creating a social network are sorely lacking.

In the end, Ping was a social network that was focused far too much on enabling commerce, and far too little on enabling social interaction. It wasn’t easy to find and connect with people on Ping. And that didn’t resonate with Apple’s customers all. Apple CEO Tim Cook said as much at D10. ‘We tried Ping, and I think the customer voted and said ‘This isn’t something that I want to put a lot of energy into,” Cook said.”

Makes sense.