Apple’s Do Not Disturb still busted [Update]


Apple’s Do Not Disturb feature, which lets iOS 6 users silence alerts for a given period of time, failed to deactivate as scheduled for many users on January 1. I had no problem with it on the 1st, but noticed that today it’s still engaged, hours after it was scheduled to switch off. It’s a mild annoyance, but still an annoyance.

Is anyone else having trouble with this? Have you found a solution? Comments are open.

Update: Apple has addressed the Do Not Disturb bug, saying:

“Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.”

So, it will stop being broken on January 7th.


  1. This happened to me. My alarm didn’t go off because of it. Annoying. Will this bug cause it to remain on every day in the future, or did this only happen on the 1st?

  2. I had the exact same issue this morning, everything was fine on the 1st. I’ve had to turn off Do Not Disturb from the main menu to disable it, every time I try to enable it again DnD enables.

    Didn’t have the same issue as Grant with my alarms though.

  3. Yes, same here in the UK. Mine says it is on do not disturb until 9pm which is actually the time I have set it to start at. It looks as if it has inverted itself?

    1. I should clarify that I use a third party app called Due for my alarms. I think it uses the local notifications API and that may be affected by the bug.

  4. Just realized it happened to me. I never even noticed that I wasn’t getting the dings for emails. I finally just turned the whole thing off from the Settings page until it gets fixed.

  5. Same problem here, Dave: DND performed correctly yesterday Jan. 1, but failed to deactivate this morning Jan. 2nd. Bizarre. Rebooting had no effect, so I simply toggled the DND feature off until Apple figures out what’s going on. iPhone 5 6.02 on Verizon, FWIW.

  6. Grant, if you are using the built-in alarms in the Clock app, the alarms are not subject to the DND feature.

    I use scheduled DND on my iPad Mini. It was fine on the 1st, but this morning, it was still engaged after the 7am stop time. I changed the scheduled times and will see how it reacts tomorrow.

  7. I did some testing on my iPhone and found that it should start working on the 7th. It appears that the bug is that it doesn’t work until the monday of the second week of January. I tried setting the date to 2012, and it didn’t work until the 9th. In 2014, it doesn’t work until the 6th.

  8. My one should switch off at 7:00 AM, but it didn’t.
    Funny, because Apple’s last TV Ad is about DND mode. :)

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