Apple’s Reminders for iOS 6 is a huge improvement

Apple’s Reminders app for iOS 6 is a huge improvement over the already great original. I’ve been using this app since it debuted and it’s become indispensable. The current update provides more information, offers faster input and eliminates my pet peeve. Here’s why I love Reminders for iPhone.

Faster Reminder Creation

You can now add details to a reminder as you create it. Previously, you had to create the reminder, tap out of it and then tap back in to add details. Now, a disclosure triangle appears as you’re typing. Tap it to add a reminder location, date or time. Thank you, Apple! That was my pet peeve with this app and I’m so happy it’s been fixed.

iOS 5 on the left, iOS 6 on the right. Note the disclosure triangle on the right that’s not present on the left. Also, the note itself is a bit wider in iOS 6, and the “Done” button is silver and much easier to see.

New List, Swiping

The screen of completed items has changed as well. The list and date buttons are now gone, as are the small buttons indicating the number of active lists. The former creates a tidy appearance while the latter is my only disappointment with this new version. I liked that subtle visual queue.

iOS 5 on the left and iOS 6 on the right. Now that the iOS 6 version has swipe-to-delete enabled, you must swipe the list’s title to move between lists. Swiping in the body won’t work.

New List View

This is by far the biggest improvement. The list view has gone from sparse to informative. Lists are sorted by location (local or iCloud). Tap any one to jump to it, or tap the date to view all items from that day. The search function looks at each note’s full contents. Swipe left or right to move from month to month.


Location-based and time-based reminder options grace the same screen. It’s more efficient and saves time.

If you aren’t using Reminders you ought to start. It’s better than ever and one of the best reasons to use an iPhone.

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