Big thanks to AskDifferent for being this week’s sponsor. It’s a question-and-answer site which covers nearly any Apple support question you can think of. In browsing the site I’ve found a tremendous signal-to-noise ratio, helpful answers that cut to the chase and many knowledgeable people, eager to share.

AskDifferent users can “vote up” the best answers, tag them and keep things properly categorized. In short, the best articles are easy to find.

For instance, this thread on increasing the volume of iPhone alarms helped me out. I, too, found that it didn’t always wake me. However, I recorded a brief bit of audio and converted it with GarageBand as the AskDifferent writer suggested. Now it wakes me every time.

The focus is on quality, not hits, and it shows. See what answers you can find at AskDifferent today.