Aug. 1 bee hive inspection

First beehive inspection in 14 days. I added a second brood box a few weeks ago when my first box was about 80% full. Today the bottom box is completely full and they’ve drawn comb on 50% of the frames in the top box. Lots of nectar in the top box, as well as capped brood and uncapped larvae. I also saw the queen today in the top box, walking around and looking lively. That was a relief as I hadn’t seen her on my last two inspections.

Two concerns however. I did see a hive beetle walking around. I do have a trap so I’ll put that in tomorrow. Additionally, the other day I posted here about seeing my bees defend themselves successfully against a single yellow jacket. This evening I saw three more yellow jackets on the ground in front of the hive and hovering around the landing board. The bees were on high alert, in a tight cluster at the entrance. I could see them inspecting every bee that landed, and lunging at the yellow jackets if they got too near.

I’m worried this is building up to a robbery. I don’t know if yellow jackets send out scouts or if they’re simply finding their way here by chance. Maybe they have a nest nearby. I’m going to put an entrance reducer on the 1″ opening (didn’t want to do it tonight as there were many tense guards on the board and I didn’t want them coming at me). I hope this isn’t a robbery waiting to happen. 

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