Behind the scenes of Apple’s Think Different campaign

Forbes has published a compelling history of Apple’s Think Different advertising campaign. Written by  Rob Siltanen, then creative director and managing partner at TBWA/Chiat/Day (Siltanen is currently the chairman and chief creative officer at Siltanen & Partners), the article offers new details on the campaign that redefined Apple after Steve’s return.

For instance, Jobs liked the idea of a Dead Poets Society-like feel combined with images of famous thinkers, despite initial hesitation that it might seem “too egotistical.” However, Siltanen says, Jobs hated the TV spot, even when it was nearly finished:

“We played the spot once, and when it finished, Jobs said, ‘It sucks! I hate it! It’s advertising agency ****! I thought you were going to write something like ‘Dead Poets Society!’ This is crap!’

Clow said something like, ‘Well, I take it you don’t want to see it again.’ And Steve continued to go on a rant about how we should get the writers from Dead Poets Society’ or some ‘real writers’ to write something.”

It’s a compelling article that was no doubt inspired by Isaacson’s wildly popular biography.

[Via MacRumors]