Big thanks to BubCap

My thanks to BubCap for sponsoring the site this week. BupCap is a clever and effective way to cover the Home button of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, preventing unwanted presses. There are four variations available: regular, Ultra, Max and Pro. The first three are made of semi-rigid plastic. They’ll resist an accidental (or unwanted) button press from a child, while allowing an adult the activate the button. Think of a teacher in a classroom or a parent.

The BubCap Pro is made of rigid aluminum and can only be activated with a toothpick. It’s difficult to remove by hand. It’s extreme for sure, but perfect for when you absolutely cannot have a user navigating away from a given applicaion. Think museum kiosk, trade show or something similar.

Each model is sold in a 4-pack for $5.99, in addition to an Intro Pack (2 regulars and 2 Ultras) and an Explorer Pack of six (two each regular, Ultra and Max) for $7.99. Finally, the BubCap Pro is available in a two-pack ($9.99) or a 25-pack for mass deployment ($119.99) in black or white.